Chandler Woodcock For Governor

An Agenda for Reform

1. Setting priorities. I will solicit and listen attentively during the course of this campaign and my term as Governor to ideas from all Mainers about what is working and what is not. We need to engage citizens, providers and state employees to work on the fixes. As Governor, I will partner with the Legislature in this process to implement changes.
2. Zero-Based Budgeting. I believe that we need to take a good, hard look at every expenditure of state government and ask the hard questions about whether Mainers are getting our money’s worth. This would involve the general fund, federal accounts and other special revenue programs, as well. As Governor, I will work with the Legislature as a collaborative partner in this effort.
3. Accounting and accountability. As Governor, I will hire the best managers and hold them accountable. This means that when people don’t get the job done, they will lose theirs. It also means that when people who work for us uncover abuse and opportunities to save taxpayer money, they will be rewarded.
4. Legislative oversight. The Legislature squanders the most important asset it has: the time, energy and expertise of its diverse membership. Too much time is spent on too many bills and expressions of legislative sentiment. As Governor, I will ask the Legislature to use the first two months of the session in early 2007 for nothing but poring over what State Government is doing with a view toward finding out what is working, what is not, and setting priorities. I will invite each legislative committee to ask the tough questions to my commissioners and agency heads.
5. Respect the people’s will. Some believe that the folks in Augusta know best, that the citizens are not fit to govern themselves and make the right choices. I strongly disagree with this view. It’s time for a governor who respects the will of the voters above special interests.

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